Pulling No Punches

Petruccelli was right on the money

Senator Anthony Petruccelli was absolutely right on in asking the Massachusetts Parole Board to place a moratorium on all future parole hearings until a full, comprehensive review of the Board’s policies and procedures could be conducted.

The senator from East Boston did this two days before the governor asked for and received the resignations of all those Parole Board members who voted on the Dominic Cinelli parole.

It is very likely the new members of the Parole Board to be appointed will establish a new day on that board by carefully reviewing and changing where necessary policies and procedures as Senator Petruccelli has suggested.

Never again should a lifetime criminal with three life sentences be allowed to go back into society.

Senator Petruccelli understands this.

We know he will work to make the Parole Board public and open – transparent – in order to make it far more effective for the people of Massachusetts.

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