Abandoned baby found, unharmed, on Saratoga St.

Less than a hundred yards from where a infant baby boy was abandoned in an alley on Saratoga Street early Monday morning, City Councilor Sal LaMattina, Representative Carlo Basile and members of Baby Safe Haven held a press conference to bring awareness to safe haven drop off stations for newborns throughout the city.

“Today we almost had a tragedy in East Boston,” said LaMattina. “We want the public to know and mothers that may be deciding to abandon their babies to please drop them off at one of many safe haven centers throughout the city.”

The press conference took place in front of the Boston Fire Station on Saratoga Street, which, ironically, was steps away from where the baby was found and is a safe haven for mothers and infants.

“This station behind me is a safe haven and the mother could come here and with no questions asked dropped the baby off,” said Basile. “We want to protect mothers and children from a potential tragedy.”

Renee Marcou of Baby Safe Haven reminded the press about the laws that have been established in Massachusetts that allows mothers to drop their infants off at Fire, EMS and Police Stations as well as clinics and hospitals.

“We want to let mother’s know there is another option,” she said.

Police were called to Saratoga Street Monday morning and found a newborn crying in an alley. The boy was rushed to Mass General Hospital where, according to reports, he is expected to be okay.

After searching for the boy’s mother, police discovered the young woman and transported her to an undisclosed hospital where she is being treated.

As part of the press conference Marcou donated several signs on behalf of Baby Safe Haven to the city to be placed at several safe haven locations in Eastie.

This is the first time, according to Marcou, that a baby has been abandoned in Boston in the past 44 months.

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