Crime stats are on the decline

As the new captain of District 7 police station Frank Mancini has been riding a tidal wave of success as the men and woman under his supervision have been able to dramatically decrease crime in East Boston.

Year to date there has been an overall 12 percent reduction in crime in neighborhood, with almost all major crime categories showing decreases.

“During the first four months of 2010, the men and women of District 7 have worked hard in reducing crime in East Boston and the crime statistics for 2010 to date reflect that hard work,” said Mancini. “At District 7 we will be continuing our efforts to maintain these gains in several ways. As always, we encourage the residents and business community to be partners with us in keeping East Boston a safe place to live and work.”

In reviewing the major crime categories, residential burglary has decreased 17 percent in 2010, aggravated assaults have decreased 30 percent, street robberies have seen a 10 percent decrease, rape is down about 50 percent and larcenies have seen an 18 percent reduction. 

“Overall, we have seen a 23 percent drop in violent crime, and an 8 percent decrease in property crime this year so far,” he said. “Thankfully, we have seen no homicides this year in East Boston.”

However, Mancini said Eastie has seen an increase in stolen car reports, primarily Hondas, and are looking at possible causes for this increase in reporting.

“We continue to remind residents to always lock their cars and remove any valuables from sight, as well as to use anti-theft devices or alarms for their vehicles,” he said.

As Eastie heads into the summer months, Mancini said the men and woman of District 7 will focus on maintaining order at licensed premise establishments such as bars and restaurants that do business primarily at night to reduce noise complaints from area residents and address any problems associated with juveniles after the school year ends in June.

Mancini will also be the keynote speaker at the Kiwanis Club’s weekly luncheon on Tuesday May 25 at 12:15 p.m. at Spinelli’s in East Boston.

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