Give the McKay School an ‘A’ for ‘Athletic’

For the past three years the Donald McKay’s physical education teacher has been doing something remarkable for his students and school without much hype or fanfare.

Each year Tom Levett made his school the host of the Clipper 5K Walk for Wellness. All the money Levett raises at the annual walk goes to supporting physical education and wellness at the McKay.

The 3rd Annual installment of the walk took place Saturday in conjunction with other healthy living programs going on throughout the neighborhood and raised over $1,700 for the school. There were 150 students, parents and teachers walking the three-mile plus jaunt.

Sadly Levett, due to budgetary reasons, will not be at the school as its physical education teacher next year.

“I’ve worked extremely hard for the last three years building this event up year after year,” said Levett. “Unfortunately I will no longer be at the McKay School next year but hopefully this event I began three years ago will continue. I worked to hard for it not to and hopefully someone steps up to the plate.”

Levett began the walk three years ago with less than 50 participants and now it has mushroomed to an event students and the community look forward to.

“It was great to see so many members of the community coming together for what I feel was a successful and great event,” said Levett. “Walking is such a great activity to do with the whole family and brings them together for the greater good of a healthy lifestyle.I wanted the best for my students here at the McKay School so this is what initially motivated me to start a walk for wellness fundraiser.”

Throughout his career at the McKay, Levett has partnered with the Boston Celtics and other sports groups to drive home his desire to see students live a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, his class, through a community caring day essay contest sponsored by the Celtics, won a pizza party with Celtics star Brian Scalabrine after the Celts one the Championship in 2008. Scalabrine came to the school and hung out for entire afternoon with Levett’s physical education class at the end of the 2008 school year.

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