Home away from home – Gov. Patrick has been a frequent visitor to East Boston

Governor Deval Patrick came to the East Boston neighborhood again last Friday, his fifth visit here in the past three months.

He came for lunch at the 303 Café on Sumner Street and for a walk through Jeffries Point into the sparkling new Maverick Square, where he met with voters coming and going on the T.

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli and City Councillor Sal LaMattina accompanied him – he also broke bread with them at the 303.

“It is always a pleasure to visit East Boston and especially to eat here. The food is so good,” the governor said.

At the 303, the governor spoke with all the patrons, traded banter and pleasantries, and then left for a walk to Maverick Square.

The governor’s repeated visits to East Boston, Chelsea, Revere and more recently to Everett are indicative of his effort to launch a powerful campaign for re-lection in and around Suffolk County with the largely working-class populations that reside in these neighborhoods.

The early effects have been positive for the governor, who has come back time and again to visit, to eat, to mingle and to campaign with the local population as well as with leaders.

“I respect him and have come to consider him a close friend,” said Senator Petruccelli.

“I believe in him. He is the best candidate for governor. When all is said and done, I believe he will win,” he added.

Petruccelli has become close with the governor, according to those who claim to know.

Petruccelli is close with Senate President Therese Murray and now that he’s close with the governor, Petruccelli represents Patrick’s better access to the senate president’s office and to her personally.

“The more I meet with him, the more impressive he seems to me,” said LaMattina.

In Maverick Square, the governor greeted East Boston residents coming and going with ease.

Many heads turned as his recognizable features became apparent.

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