Milano’s Deli Dethrones EBYC, Lightning 
express Advances in Style

One absolute barn burner and an upset heard round the city in the EBMHL semifinals last week has set the tone for the EBMHL Championship Series which began last night at the Porazzo Rink and.will continue next Tuesday and the following Tuesday, if necessary, due to the new best 2 out of 3 format this season.

We are sure to be treated to some fantastic hockey the next couple of weeks as Lightning Express takes on Milano’s Deli for the Cup.  Lightning Express, who took on The Squire in the semi’s, eeked out the win after The Squire battled all game to send the contest into overtime with David Collins netting the eventual game winner, winning the game 4-3.

Collins and Dom DiMarzo went blow for blow all game with The Squire’s David Berardinelli and Mike Mondello.  An incredible game was turned in by both clubs’ goaltenders Nick Rossi for Lightning and Brad Watkins for The Squire.

The second semifinal game saw the defending champs EBYC take on Milanos’s Deli. It was not meant to be this season for the champs as they were knocked off in grand fashion thanks to the gritty play of Mike Burri. Burri took command in this one as he caused havoc in front of the always sturdy goaltender Chris Grossmann.

Along with Burri, Peter Hanlon and David Natola  were major contributors in their 5-2 drubbing of Charlie Daniels and the defending champs.

Championship game time is 8:00 p.m. starting last night and continuing into next week. We hope to see Eastie come out to cheer on these very hard working guys.

See you at the rink!

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