Wu Announces Aidan McDonough as the New Spark Boston Director

Special to the Times-Free Press

Mayor Michelle Wu announced Aidan McDonough as the new SPARK Boston Director. SPARK Boston empowers 20 to 35-year-olds to play a greater role in planning for the City’s future. Its office is within the Community Engagement Cabinet, focused on eliminating silos between Boston residents and City Hall. McDonough will be filling a vacancy to lead the SPARK Boston Council. 

“SPARK Boston is a unique way for young leaders in our city to have their voices heard in Boston’s future,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “Aidan’s experience in community organizing makes him a great fit for this passionate, innovative group and I look forward to working with him and the rest of SPARK Boston on issues most important to millennials and Gen Z.”

Aidan McDonough graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with his bachelor’s degree in communications. He moved to Boston in 2010 to pursue his career in public service. When he moved to Boston, he knew right away that he wanted to make Boston his home. After being active in the Brighton community and for local and state campaigns, it became clear to him that he had a passion for civic involvement and helping others to find and build their own community in Boston. McDonough served on the SPARK Boston Council in 2018-2019. He was formerly the Executive Director of Brighton Main Streets.

“Aidan’s passion for empowering young adults and enthusiasm to deepen his work in public service makes him a great addition to the Community Engagement Cabinet,” said Community Engagement Cabinet Chief Brianna Millor. “The SPARK Boston Council is an integral part of Boston’s local government. I am excited to witness Aidan working closely with the SPARK Boston Council empowering them to continue to be changemakers in our city.” 

SPARK Boston is housed in the Mayor’s Community Engagement Cabinet, and is responsible for advising Mayor Wu on issues affecting millennial and Gen Z populations and working with City departments and community stakeholders to create innovative solutions. The council meets monthly with City Hall leaders and creates free programming for their peers including voter resources, events highlighting the City’s ongoing initiatives, and professional and social networking opportunities across Boston’s many neighborhoods. 

“As an alumnus of SPARK Boston, I am looking forward to getting back into the program and giving council members the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Boston,” said SPARK Boston Director Aidan McDonough. “I plan on taking the lessons learned from my time on the council and continue providing opportunities for council members to be engaged in what is happening in local government. I hope to help council members have access to cabinet chiefs and program directors so that their ideas of how Boston can continue to grow can be heard by decision makers within City Hall.”

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