Eastie’s Ben Downing Drops Gubernatorial Bid

East Boston resident and former state senator Ben Downing announced Tuesday he’s ending his campaign for Massachusetts Governor after campaigning across the state for the past 10 months.

Downing, who moved to Eastie six years ago with his wife, Micaelah Morrill, and are raising their two young sons, Malcolm and Eamon, in the neighborhood released a statement saying, “For everything there is a season. For this campaign, that season has come to a close. Today, I am formally ending my bid to become the next Governor of Massachusetts.” Downing was one of the youngest state senators ever elected in Massachusetts history in 2006 at the age of 24 from Pittsfield. During his tenure at the State House Downing emerged as a leading climate advocate. Downing, a Western Mass native, left the senate in 2017 after 10 years to work full-time in renewable energy for Nexamp. “Over the last 10 months, friends and neighbors, old and new, have opened their homes and hearts to my campaign,” said Downing.

“Together, we built a coalition that lifted up the voices of those too often ignored. We came up with real solutions to meet the challenges facing Massachusetts families and reshape our shared future. In a year that took a lot out of all of us, we grew stronger at the broken places. I have seen the best of Massachusetts, alongside the deep need for more urgent, empathetic leadership. I have learned and grown. For all of that, I cannot say thank you enough. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the financial resources to continue.

While it’s painful to admit, that reality has brought this chapter to a close.” Downing continued, “Just as my work and my responsibility as a citizen did not end when I term limited myself in the Senate, the work of this campaign does not end today. Though my name will not be on the ballot next year, I will keep working for the principles that defined this campaign.” Downing thanked all his supporters and volunteers that have been on his side for nearly a year. “To the team who encouraged, inspired, and challenged me every single day, this was an incredible adventure,” he said. “Thanks to you. To the friends, family and supporters who fueled us over the last year, you were a constant source of strength in a year marked by uncertainty and change.

And to Micaelah, thank you for being you and loving me, on the good days and the bad. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without you. For now, I am off to chase Mac and Eamon.” Although Downing grew up in Western Mass his roots in Eastie are strong and the family got their start in the neighborhood at the turn of the last century. In fact, there’s a hero square on the corner of Sumner and Cottage Street in Jeffries Point that was dedicated by former Mayor Martin Walsh in 2019 in honor of Downing’s great great-granduncle Albert Henry Downing of Eastie who died during World War I.

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