Boston Black Hospitality Launches Restaurant Month

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted black and brown communities at a disproportionate rate. During this devastating public health crisis, black business owners were forced to grapple with an economic crisis that disrupted their livelihoods and significantly undermined the financial security of the most vulnerable community members. 

A recent H&R Block survey of small businesses found that 53% of Black business owners saw their revenue drop by half, compared to 37% of White owners, since the pandemic started.   

“Black-owned businesses play such an important role in improving local economies and uplifting communities everywhere,” H&R Block Vice President of Small Business Ian Hardman said in a statement. “Clearly there’s a grave need to support small business owners, especially those hit hardest by the pandemic.”

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry was one of the most heavily impacted industries during the pandemic with many owners forced to cut staff, reduce capacity and, in many cases, close indoor dining for long periods. 

In order to start boosting a return to Black-owned small businesses the Boston Black Hospitality Coalition, founded by Nia Grace and Royal C. Smith, who owns District 7 Tavern in Roxbury, launched Boston Black Restaurant Month in honor of the Juneteenth Holiday. 

The Juneteenth Holiday commemorates the ending of slavery in the U. S. and is celebrated each year on June 19. The holiday gives the community at large a chance to learn about the positive contributions African Americans have made to society and the Coalition’s event hopes to bring more people back to Black-oned restaurants throughout Boston. 

Throughout the month of June, Bostonians can celebrate food, culture, and community with Boston’s black-owned restaurants.  

“Discover the traditional flavors that proudly showcase a rich and resourceful heritage,” the Coalition said in a statement. “Experience the hospitality of over 70 eateries and cocktail bars while enjoying a variety of specials, promotions, and events throughout the month of June. Treat your taste buds and share in our history by planning a visit today.”

The East Boston restaurant featured throughout the month of June is Tawakal Halal Cafe in Jeffries Point.  

Tawakal Halal Cafe, on the corner of Maverick and Jeffries Streets, offers traditional Somalian cuisine and owner Yahya Noor has received nothing but accolades since opening.

Bon Appetit named the small cafe that serves up home cooked Somalia cuisine on the corner of Maverick and Jeffries Streets in East Boston to its annual “Hot 10” list saying Noor’s restaurant, “Should be your first stop off the plane” when coming to Boston.

The popular Somalie cafe was also featured in an ad campaign by UberEats that paired acclaimed gold medal gymnast, Simone Biles, and ‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness. 

You can check out the full dining guide of Black-owned restaurants across Boston at 

“Our businesses play a critical role in community and economic development,” said the Coalition. “Highlighting this we seek to ensure a prolonged future for our Black-owned institutions.”

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