Letter to the Editor

Sticking With Ed

To the Editor,

After much consideration I have decided to enthusiastically endorse Ed Markey for US Senate.

I initially endorsed another candidate in this race because of her vision, passion, and fighting spirit for workers.

Today, in Massachusetts, Ed Markey is the only candidate running for US Senate that has all of those qualities and the proven record to get things done.

I represent East Boston, Charlestown and the North End. Every part of my district is vulnerable to climate change. East Boston, where I live, is especially in need of a fighter in the Senate.

East Boston’s history is one of new beginnings, environmental activism, and working class families.

We were only second to Ellis Island in the amount of immigrants we received. We have taught our children that the only way to fight against corporate greed and environmental injustice is through organizing and we have always been a community for families and hard working people. Ed Markey understands that history and shares those values.

Today, we face one of the biggest battles against corporate greed that is trying to expand fossil fuel infrastructure. Ed Markey not only opposes the substation but knows that opposition isn’t enough. He has a plan to build a better infrastructure, one that creates jobs, is supported by science and meets our needs as a community. We need him in the Senate to fight for the Green New Deal!

The pandemic has brought to light another long-standing inequity facing my district: internet access. With BPS families needing the most flexible, accessible, and equitable infrastructure I find Ed Markey’s leadership to ensure low income families have access to the internet to be another demonstration of his vision, heart, and dedication to building a more equitable world.

I am proud to support Ed Markey and hope you’ll join me in voting for him!

Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards

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