East Boston Social Centers Food Site Now Open

Last week the East Boston YMCA on Bremen Street announced Monday that it has partnered with the City of Boston and East Boston-based Project Bread to expand its daily food distribution site to include meals for adults.

The East Boston Socials Centers (EBSC) announced this week it has expanded its food site to include adults as well.

Opening day for the EBSC’s adult food site kicked off Wednesday and served 140 adult meals. The Social Centers also served 145 kids breakfasts and lunches.

The number of adults served increased Wednesday by 81 and 221 adults meals were served while 177 kids breakfasts and lunches were served.

The number rose again on Friday with 239 adult meals served and 223 kids breakfasts and lunches handed out.

“We saw the heaviest of crowds on Friday, and we think mostly in part due to the uncertainty of food availability people face for the weekend,” said the Social Center’s Gloria Devine. “We have seen people of all ages and families of all sizes.”

Justin Pasquariello, EBSC executive director, thanked the East Boston YMCA, Project Bread, the city of Boston, Boston Public Schools, Boston Cares, City Fresh, and other partners who are procuring and preparing food and supporting this work.  He also thanked the families and seniors who are practicing social distancing and taking other safety precautions, acknowledging their needs and asking for help, and supporting each other.

“I am so grateful to the Social Centers team, who embody our motto ‘when all give, all gain,’ every day,” said Pasquariello. “Before we began serving as a food site, staff and Parent Partners already were working overtime, delivering meals to households with people in quarantine and those afraid to go out; delivering groceries and yarn to feed seniors and support their hobbies; making diapers, wipes, and food available for pickup onsite; and administering funding to meet a variety of family needs.  Within just a few days, our directors set up the staffing and operation for a food site, and we have seen meals distributed increase every day as the word has gone out.

Pasquariello added that in this time of tragedy and hardship, and seemingly endless need, we are so grateful to be part of this tight knit and giving community. 

“So many organizations and individuals are going above and beyond to meet the needs of their neighbors–and with that mutual support, hopefully that hardship at least will be alleviated, and hopefully people will feel a bit less isolated,” he said.

EBSC food distribution site for adults and kids is located at the 162 Liverpool St. entrance from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In addition to expanding food sites to adults and special shopping hours for seniors at grocery stores Mayor Walsh said food delivery and home-delivered meals may be an option for individuals age 60 and older who are unable to leave their homes. Older residents can find a food distribution location near them here and are encouraged to call 311 or the Age Strong Commission at (617) 635-4366 for more information.

Residents can visit boston.gov/covid19foodmap to find food resources for all residents, including youth meal sites, food pantries, and more. For information on accessing SNAP and WIC benefits and food pantries information, residents are asked to connect with Project Bread at 1 (800) 645-8333. If someone cannot access food due to mobility, illness, or quarantine, they are encouraged to connect with the Mayor’s Office of Food Access at (617) 635-3717 or [email protected]

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