NOAH Teams up with Mass Save to Streamline Home Energy Savings

Mass Save home energy audits, free energy-saving products and rebates and incentives to lower a consumer’s energy bills has been around for years, but very few in East Boston have taken advantage of the program.

If one looks closely at their energy bill, they’ll see a line item showing that a portion of each monthly payment goes to funding the Mass Save program.

So the question is why are so few Eastie residents taking advantage of it?

East Boston Neighborhood of Affordable Housing’s (NOAH) Gabriela Boscio explains that many residents think Mass Save is a scam when they receive information in the mail or by phone.

Many just dump informational flyers in the trash or confuse Mass Save with those annoying people on the street that go door to door trying to get you to switch energy companies to save money.

For those who went through the process of securing a free Mass Save audit and free energy saving products, many report that the process was frustrating.

“We at NOAH have heard that the biggest barrier for people who signed up was never getting a call back to schedule an audit,” said Boscio. “We want more people in East Boston to take advantage of this program because enrollment in the neighborhood is so low. This program can help you lower your bills, make your home more comfortable in the winter and reduce your carbon footprint and help the community reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

In order to simplify the process and get more people enrolled in Mass Saves from Eastie, NOAH has teamed up with Mass Save, the City of Boston and Boston ABCD to launch a pilot program to increase participation.

“We got Mass Save to set aside 18 slots for East Boston residents,” said Boscio. “To sign up, you will need to provide your name, contact info, address, and your electric and gas account numbers.”

If you would like to schedule a Mass Save visit for your home you can contact Boscio via email at [email protected] or by phone at 617-418-8244.

The program is open to homeowners and renters who live in a home that is between one and four units.

Boscio said through the audit homeowners and renters can discover opportunities to save energy and money through upgrades, rebates, and incentives.

Each resident that participates will get a no-cost Home Energy Assessment and receive a custom report that makes it easy to improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Mass Save will also install energy-saving products at no cost as needed such as:ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs; advanced power strips; low-flow showerheads; faucet aerators; and programmable thermostats or discounted wireless thermostats.

Enrollees can also qualify for additional offers, rebates, and incentives based on the Home Energy Assessment report.

According to Mass Save these offers, rebates and incentives may include: no-cost targeted air sealing of leaks in drafty areas of your home; an instant incentive for 75 percent off approved insulation improvements or based on your income, you may be eligible for an enhanced instant incentive for 100 percent off; rebates of up to $3,250 on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment; and the opportunity to apply for a zero percent ‘Heat Loan’  for certain eligible heating upgrades.

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