EHCA Votes on Several Items Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday night, members of the Eagle Hill Civic Association voted on several agenda at the groups January meeting.

First up, members voted 20 to 1 in favor of Jennifer Coppenrath’s plan to legalize the existing occupancy at 512-514 Saratoga St. to one commercial space with two residential units above.  It is already being used this way, but never went through the proper process.  Boston Car Keys is the commercial business on the first floor with the two residential units above.  Coppenrath met with abutters and said there was no opposition to the plan.

Next, Jacqueline Nunez, the new owner of 187 Condor Street came before EHCA to seek a change to an already approved nine-unit condo development. The development was already approved by EHCA members and Nunez recently purchased the already permitted project. Nunez was seeking to change the outside facade of the building that was approved by EHCA members. Nunez said she hired a new architect and wanted to change the windows to make them more in scale with the triple decker home next door.  She called the previous design was a “copy and paste” modern design.  Nunez and her architect showed renderings of a more softer design with more curves.  She said she would use white and gray colors on the outside that matched the other homes on the street and would use both metal and wood elements in the design.

However, members said they did not like the corrugated metal look and complained it felt too industrial looking.

In the end members voted 12 to 9 in opposition of the proposed changes to the facade.

The group then voted 18 to 3 in support of changing the occupancy at 36 Monmouth St, from a two to a three-unit building.  The building is has been used as a three-unit residence in the past and needed to be be changed to the legal occupancy by the new owner. The new owner is currently not renting the illegal apartment until it is turned into a legal unit. The plan for the overall building in the future is to renovate each apartment and restore the home’s historic facade.

Lastly, the group voted 20 to 1 in support of Elena Bertkau’s proposal to add a roof death to her home at 309 Chelsea St. Bertkau said the deck would be set back so it would not be visible from the street.

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