BPDA Approves Three Local Projects

By John Lynds

At last week’s Boston Planning and Development Agency’s (BPDA) July meeting.  officials approved three East Boston projects that will add 161 residential units to the neighborhood.

The board approved the projects at 114 Orleans St., 99 Sumner St. and 10-16 Everett Street. All three projects are in the Jeffries Point/Maverick area with 99 Sumner St. being the highly anticipated Hodge Boiler Works waterfront development project between Carlton’s Wharf and LoPresti Park.

At 114 Orleans St., developer City Realty will develop a $5.5 million five story building with 23 condo units with 25 off-street parking units. The Gove Street Citizens Association members were deadlocked on the project at 14-14.

The BPDA approved a scaled-down version of the early design pitched to the neighborhood residents. City Realty first proposed 28 units but that dropped down 25 units with 25 parking spaces. At the last community meeting, City Realty’s attorney Jeff Drago said the developer had reduced the number of units even further to 23 units with 25 parking spaces. City Realty also added bike storage space that can accommodate 28 bicycles after meeting with neighbors. The architects for the project also moved the entrance and lobby from the side of the building to the front of the building along Orleans Street.

Three of the 23 units will be set aside as ‘affordable’ units under the BPDA guidelines.

“In addition, this project will provide a number of community benefits to East Boston and the City of Boston,” wrote the BPDA in its ruling. “A total of $47,650 has been committed towards the Salesian Boys and Girls Club, Hammer East Art Garage, Ciampa Public Garden, East Boston Museum and Historical Society, Piers Park Sailing Center, and the Samuel Adams Elementary School.”

City Realty was recently approved by the BPDA to build a $21.6 million, 63-unit condo project on Border Street between Eutaw and Lexington streets. As City Realty underwent that permitting process, the developers charitable arm, City Kids, partnered with the Mario Umana Academy and purchased Chrome Books for the students. They also do regular upkeep and maintenance at school’s skate park. City Realty has also been helping NOAH to fund ongoing maintenance of the stairs and park that connects Border Street to Meridian Street.

At 99 Sumner St., the future site of the Hodge Boiler Works waterfront development project, the BPDA approved ‘Notice of Project Change.’

When the site was owned by the DeNormandie Companies a few years ago, the group pitched a scaled down version of their original plan to build an eight-story, 119 unit residential complex. DeNormandie decided to build a five-story, 95 units building that is 80,000 sq. ft. less than the original design.

The Davis Companies recently purchased the property and reverted back to the original plan of building, 119 condo units. The Davis Companies will also pay into the BPDA’s fund to create affordable housing units off site to the tune of $2.19 million.

According to the Davis Companies’ BPDA filing, the project will be a six-story, 125,678 sq. ft..  mixed-use development.

Aside from the 119 condo units there will a 7,200 sq. ft. public facility. The project also calls for 83 off-street parking spaces, 119 bicycle storage spaces within the building for residents and 28 exterior bicycle storage spaces to be made available for the general public, visitors, and residents.

Approximately 35,750 square feet of the project site will be used as public open space that will include one of the last links missing from the East Boston Harborwalk.

This missing link will connect the Charlton Wharf site with Lopresti Park. With Clippership Wharf, Portside at Pier One and the Boston East Site under construction, the Harborwalk will be one continuous path that extends from the Hyatt Logan Airport Hotel all the way to the Boston East Site or Border Street.

The last project approved at last week’s meeting was a 19 unit condo development at 10-16 Everett St. This $6.5 million project by K&K Development will bring 19 condo units to the Jeffries Point neighborhood. The developer will pay $94,000 into the BPDA’s affordable housing fund for two affordable units.

According to the filing and proposals at previous community meetings, the four-story, residential building will total approximately 22,544 sq. ft.. Aside from the 19 condo units there, K&K will develop 21 off-street parking spaces on site.  There will also be bicycle storage incorporated into the design.

The developer has also agreed to contribute $25,000 in local benefits to groups like the Piers Park Sailing Center.

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