Massport Opens Its Doors

More than 1,500 area students recently were allowed the opportunity to explore and touch first-hand the machinery and airplanes that are used every day at Logan International Airport at the Aviation and Maritime STEM Education Expo.

As Massport CEO Thomas Glynn succinctly pointed out, “It is through organizations like Massport that students are exposed to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

Such exposure at a young age is crucial in lighting that spark of interest and creativity that someday may lead to great things, both for the individual and our society.  While we never can predict why a student will gravitate toward one subject or another, often a serendipitous event plays a key role in one’s life path.

Thanks to the Massport STEM Education Expo, more than 1,500 students got to feel and see machinery up close. Hopefully, this program will provide inspiration to some of those who attended. Massport is to be thanked for opening its doors and having its employees on hand to answer questions from these students.

Who knows, perhaps 20 years from now, some of these students may be the very people who will be making sure that everything keeps running smoothly at Logan Airport.

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