Eastie Looks to Fill Petruccelli’s Seat

The departure of longtime State Senator Anthony Petruccelli will spark a special election for his seat sometime this spring.

Already, people have emerged expressing interest in Petruccelli’s seat since he announced last Thursday he would resign sometime in January.

The seat has remained anchored in East Boston since Judge Mario Umana won the seat in 1951. The seat sparked legendary local battles between Umana and Michael LoPresti Sr. with LoPresti beating Umana in 1960 but Umana regaining the seat against LoPresti in 1962. When Umana stepped down in 1973, Lopresti’s son, Michael LoPresti Jr., took over and served until 1992 when former Senate President Robert Travaglini was elected.

Petruccelli’s departure, could lead to the first time in 64 years that the seat is not based out of Eastie unless a viable candidate emerges.

Already in Eastie, Rep. Adrian Madaro, who won the rep seat here nine months ago during a special election, has expressed interest.

“This is not a decision I take lightly,” said Madaro. “I will be thinking long and hard about a potential run for Senate and will have conversations over the next few days with family and supporters to see what the best option is for the people I represent.”

Madaro would join Eastie’s Max Tassinari, Ernani DeAraujo and Ed Deveau as possible contenders eyeing the seat.

“Having served as Senator Petruccelli’s Chief of Staff for over a decade, I know the job better than anyone,” said Deveau who recently ran for the state rep seat but was edged out by Madaro. “His resignation leaves an immeasurable void for the entire district and It would be an honor to continue the great work we began. I’m having discussions with my family, friends and supporters and will make a decision soon.”

Over in the North End, Rep Aaron Michlewitz is contemplating a run for the seat. Michlewitz, a rising star in the House who chairs the Committee on Financial Services, has a base that overlaps some of the senatorial district that would be up for grabs.

The 1st Suffolk and Middlesex Senatorial District includes the North End, Beacon Hill, parts of the South End, Bay Village Chinatown, the Leather District  and the Financial District.

Michlewitz currently represents most of this area with the exception of parts of Beacon Hill but may have competition there if Beacon Hill Rep. Jay Livingstone decides to run.

“I am honored by the number of people that have offered their support if I choose to run and I will be making a decision shortly,” said Michlewitz.

In Winthrop, local attorney and member of the Housing Authority there, Joe Boncore is eyeing a potential run.

However, Revere may have its best chance of taking the seat since 2007 when then Councillor-At Large (and current mayor) Dan Rizzo ran unsuccessfully against Petruccelli. If one candidate emerges and is able to unify the city around their candidacy, Revere could give a Boston-based candidate a run for his or her money.

Already, Revere City Councilor Jessica Giannino has emerged as a potential front runner in Revere and said it was ‘highly likely” she would consider a run.

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo, who lost his reelection bid against incoming Revere mayor, Brian Arrigo, said he was ‘strongly’ considering a run for the seat he lost back in 2007.

“It was a hard fought race that united Revere,” said Rizzo of his loss to Petruccelli. “That is why, with Anthony’s (Petruccelli) departure, I am strongly considering another run in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District.”

Another potential candidate being mentioned in Revere is City Councilor Steven Morabito.

However, any shot Revere has of taking the seat would mean some political wrangling to put one candidate forth against any potential candidate from outside of Revere so as to not spilt the vote in the city and weakening Revere’s chance of capturing the seat.

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