Adrian Madaro Wins Primary, But All of East Boston Is Victorious

Adrian Madaro was the clear-cut winner in the Democratic primary for state representative, but all of East Boston emerged victorious because of the high quality campaigns conducted by the five candidates and the honorableness they showed after the highly competitive election March 1.

Joe Ruggiero, Ed Deveau, Lou Scapicchio, and Camilo Hernandez all stopped by the East Boston Yacht Club to congratulate Adrian Madaro on his victory.  Madaro was clearly honored by the gesture of goodwill from the other candidates. They convened again Friday at a unity breakfast and Madaro enters the general election against Independent candidate Joanne Pomodoro with the strong backing of the Democratic candidates.

The candidates conducted themselves with poise and dignity at the public forums and fundraisers, and on the campaign trail. The candidates stressed the positive in their interactions with voters and each other.

In this politically active neighborhood, elections have always generated significant interest – and we can surely thank the late Anthony Albano for the enthusiasm of the electorate over the past few decades and we’re sure Mr. Albano would be a proud East Bostonian today.

The fact that the popular mayor of Boston, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, made two trips to East Boston to personally participate in Ruggiero campaign events added another level of interest and curiosity to the state representative contest.

This hard-fought election and these spirited campaigns brought out the fervor in political aficionados – even with record-breaking snow accumulation in the streets of East Boston. The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association’s superb public forum showed that well-organized local groups can enhance the democratic process with their civic involvement and bring residents and candidates together in an impartial environment.

When all was said and done, Adrian Madaro earned an impressive victory on Election Day. He attributed his success to hard work and the support and encouragement of his family, neighbors, and friends – along with the many newer residents of Eastie – who joined together and believed in his message and his candidacy.

Adrian Madaro was humble in victory and made it clear that he has the utmost respect for the candidate he is facing in the general election: Joanne Pomodoro.

We hope that residents will continue their ardent participation in this important election and then go to the polls on March 31 to select East Boston’s new state representative.

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