White St. Developers Take a Deferral Until Next Zba Hearing

With only five out of seven board members presiding over Tuesday’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) the developers of 100-102 White St. decided to take a deferral on the project until the next ZBA hearing.

The developer would have needed a unanimous vote from the five board members to get the project passed. A scaled down version of the condo developed pitched for 100-102 White St. was approved by the Eagle Hill Civic Association in the Spring. Originally pitched as a 9-unit development with very little landscaping or open space, the project approved by EHCA members will be a 7 unit building that will consist of two, three level buildings with a garden unit in the basement. The project will have 7 parking spaces underneath for residents who purchase a condo there. The building will also look like the other Victorian-style three level buildings that surround Putnam Square Park with similar details and materials.

“We listened to the community at the last EHCA meeting and went back to the drawing board,” said the attorney for the developer, Richard Lynds. “While we will not make 100 percent of the people happy I feel we have addressed the major concerns and this is project that we feel will balance the needs of the community with the needs of the developer.”The developer, Chuck DiPrima, said of the 5,800 sq. ft. of buildable land, 3.200 sq. ft. will be left as landscaped open space and a driveway. DiPrima said each unit will be 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo units that could fetch upwards of $300,000 in Eastie’s hot real estate market. “What we came back with is out of respect of our neighbors and direct abutters,” said DiPrima, who developed a vacant lot at 59 Putnam St. just around the corner to rave reviews. “I believe this project will be the appropriate addition to the park.”Deborah Cave, EHCA president, applauded DiPrima’s work to reduce the number of units and add more open space.

“Personally I am very pleased with the added greenspace and the design of the building,” said Cave. “The architecture really suits the area and the developer really went back to the drawing board and listened to the community.”

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