Lynch Wins East Boston,Markey Wins State

Congressman Ed Markey will face off against political newcomer Gabriel Gomez in the general election for U.S. Senate in June despite being defeated in East Boston by Lynch last week.

Statewide Markey resoundingly beat Democratic challenger Congressman Stephen Lynch gaining 57% of the vote to Lynch’s 43%.

In Boston Markey received 31,795 votes, or 52%, to Lynch’s 28,625 votes, or 47%.

However, Eastie’s blue-collar working class came out big for Lynch.

Here Lynch beat Markey 1073 to 956.

On the Republican side Gomez was the big winner in the three man Republican primary.

Statewide Gomez beat out Michael Sullivan and Daniel Winslow for a shot at the U.S. Senate seat.

In Boston Gomez got 2,855 votes while Sullivan finished second with 1,904 votes and Winslow rounding out the race with 820.

In Eastie Gomez ended the night on top with 139 votes. Sullivan received 133 votes from Eastie voters while Winslow got only 36 votes.

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