Local Man Recognized by Massport

Each year Massport recognizes one of its non-Port Authority employees for going over and above the call of duty when it comes to working at Logan Airport—one of the nation’s busiest.

This year, an East Boston resident is the recipient of the annual award for preventing what could have been a catastrophic incident last year.

Oscar Crisosto, who was recently presented with Massport’s “Logan Stars” award, helped prevent a dangerous situation from turning into a more serious one.

Crisosto, who works as ramp supervisor for Ground Services International, had alerted that a ground power cord extending from a jet bridge to a parked 747 aircraft had apparently shorted out resulting in a fire. Crisosto quickly pulled the cord out of the plane while others grabbed a fire extinguisher and doused the flames. The group was able to put out the fire within the two minutes it took Massport Fire-Rescue to arrive.

The situation could have been deadly had the fire ignited jet fuel or other combustible materials in or around the aircraft.

“The Logan Stars award acknowledges employees who contribute to the greater good of the traveling public by going above and beyond their normal work duties,” said Massport’s Director of Aviation Edward C. Freni. “We are proud to work alongside these individuals whose cooperative efforts with Massport make Boston Logan a safer, more secure and customer-friendly airport.”

Each year the Logan Stars award honors a non-Massport employee working at or doing business with Logan whose actions epitomize the highest level of customer service. The honor was created by Massport’s Aviation Department in 2008 to give Logan’s nearly 11,000 employees the opportunity to recognize their peers for superior individual achievement.

In recognition of individual Massport employees who have made a major work accomplishment to the Authority as a whole, Massport sponsors an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for superior contributions made by Port Authority employees each year.

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