Good Doctors: The Torch is Passed at the EBNHC

The torch has been passed from Dr. James Taylor to Dr. Mari Bentley at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. Dr. Taylor, for almost 40 years the EBNHC chief medical officer, has stepped down. Dr. Bentley has taken over his position.

Dr. Taylor’s tenure as chief medical officer runs tandem with the great success the EBNHC has achieved over the years. When he started out almost four decades ago, the center was at the beginning or a growth period that finds it today one of the busiest neighborhood health centers in the United States. Truly, he is more than a doctor. He is a man of the people.

The health center wouldn’t be what it is today were it not for his tireless unwavering commitment,” said President and Chief Executive officer of the EBNHC Jack Cradock.

Dr. Bentley is cut from the same cloth.

She has said she will take the baton from Dr. Taylor and run with it.

We thank Dr. Taylor for his lifetime given to the well being of the people of this neighborhood.

Dr. Bentley is the right person, at the right time, in the right place to accept this new responsibility.

We wish them both the best – they are extraordinary doctors and people.

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