One memorable day in Eastie

By Joshua Resnek

Air Force One landed in East Boston at exactly 11:21 Friday morning.

The blue and white gleaming big bird shone in the morning light.

The Boeing 747 taxied over to the tarmac by the MassPort Fire Station at the northernmost part of the sprawling airport.

About fifty members of the press cordoned off about 25 yards from the airplane aimed their cameras for a glimpse of the president.

About an hour before, a phalanx of State Policemen, snipers, dog officers, Secret Service and MassPort Security officials descended upon the area.

Also arriving were Governor Deval Patrick, Lt. Governor Tim Murray and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

As the plane taxied into position for the president’s deplaning, so too did the Governor, the Lt. Governor and the Mayor.

At the same time, a caravan of about half dozen automobiles, including the president’s limousine drew up to the plane.

The plane door opened – and there he was – President Barack Obama.

He bounded down the stairs – greeted the dignitaries, and then got into his limousine with the governor for the ride to Boston. A large contingent of Boston motorcycle police officers led the caravan out of the airport, through the tunnel and into the city.

It was just another day at Logan Airport.

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