Seaplane Company to Highlights Community Investments

Representatives of the seaplane company operating off East Boston’s shore since last August that shuttling customers from Boston to New York City stopped by a community meeting recently to highlight some of their community investments.

Last year, Tailwind Air recently received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and U.S. Coast Guard approval to take off and land just off the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel near Jeffries Point.

Costing $395 per ticket for a one way trip to Manhattan, Tailwind shuttles passengers from the South Boston waterfront to the seaplane for the 75-minute flight to a dock off East 23rd in Manhattan.

With Tailwind becoming more and more successful, the company’s Sales Director Gabriela Sales highlighted some of the investments Tailwind has made in the community during the community meeting.

“Well, we’re very involved in the community,” said Sales. “I personally have a very deep love for East Boston. Right now, we are doing business and we’re trying to partner with local businesses within the East Boston area.”

One business Tailwind has recently partnered with is ADV Studios that has been doing the seaplane company’s promotional printing for ads and other media.

“Our company’s printer is based in East Boston,” said Sales. “ADV Studios is a woman owned business, LGBTQ certified, and minority as well because the owners are Hispanic. Our business is also striving to create more jobs.Through our partnership with the Veronica Robles Cultural Center we sent out invitations to some of their older students to apply for an internship job with us. This is a paid internship where we can also teach them about STEM, about becoming a pilot or being on the marketing side of the business. We want people to fall in love with what we’re doing because it is our passion.”

Tailwind has also become a member of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce.

“What we’re trying to do there is create some awareness on how we can develop businesses locally and how they can commute from Boston to New York and vice versa in order to grow,” said Sales. “With all the development that is happening in the marketplace, especially on the East Boston side of Boston, there’s potential for businesses to expand and grow.

The company has also partnered with local restaurants like the Reel House and others to bring some of the outside clients from New York to East Boston rather than staying in the downtown area.

“So we’re trying to communicate how important East Boston is for us,” said Sales.

Tailwind also recently began supporting the East Boston High School’s sailing team.

“We donated about $2,500 for the team to start gearing up the students with safety equipment and  uniforms,” said Sales. “On top of that, we’re trying to create more awareness on how we can help other neighborhood initiatives. My team is looking forward to volunteering with the community on things like beach cleanups and other events.”

Tailwinds has two bases, one in Westchester, New York and another in Bridgeport, Connecticut and have been operating seaplanes in and out of New York City for about seven years.

Tailwind uses the Cessna Caravan for seaplane operation to and from New York.

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