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City Council to Hold Hearing on BPS Transportation Issues

 The Boston City Council will hold a hearing this Friday the 15th at 3pm to discuss issues with BPS transportation. Councilor Lydia Edwards called for the hearing following numerous reports of widespread issues.

“Every year there are always a few issues at the beginning of the school year that get ironed out after the first couple of weeks,” said Councilor Edwards. “This year has been different. Things aren’t getting any better. Families deserve answers and solutions. I’m still hearing from too many constituents about missed school busses and a lack of notice when alternative arrangements need to be made. A missed school bus can mean missed work or missed meals. We need to find solutions to these challenges as quickly as possible.”

The hearing will be livestreamed at Members of the public wishing to testify should email [email protected]

D’Ambrosio Responds to Janey’s Executive Order to Change the Name of Columbus Day

Senate candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio has issued the following statement on  Boston Mayor Kim Janey to change the name of the Columbus Day Hi=oliday to Indif=genous People’s Day:

“Mayor Janey’s actions have caused more division and anger in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. I am proud of my Italian immigrant roots. No insider politician’s decision will change that.

This could have been done in a way that recognizes the plight of Indigenous people while not offending many Italian Americans.

When will political insiders learn? True leaders unite people not divide them.”

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