Hazmat Situation Quickly Resolved Last Thursday at East Boston Fire House on Maverick Street

The Boston Fire Department’s Engine 9 and Ladder 2 station on Maverick Street was evacuated last Thursday due to a Level 3 Hazmat situation. 

The station was evacuated after firefighters in the station began to smell chemicals and could not determine the source. 

A Hazmat team was called in and Deputy Chief Steven Shaffer said the team detected high levels of Hydrogen cyanide and Hydrogen sulfate in the station. 

According to Shaffer, after the firehouse was evacuated the Hazmat team determined the chemical contamination was emitted from an overcharged battery on a spare fire apparatus parked in the station. 

Fire crews were able to mitigate the chemical build up and Eastie firefighters were able to safely return to the station later in the afternoon. There were no injuries reported. 

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