East Boston Mothers Build Living Art Exhibition to Educate Community on Air Pollution

On Saturday, with support from City Of Boston’s Love Your Block program, Mothers Out Front East Boston invited neighbors to combat air pollution dangers in their own backyard.

From 1-4 pm in honor of the Mother’s Day weekend, environmental justice organization Mothers Out Front East Boston and a number of community partners transformed Central Square into a COVID-safe education hub through a community art build called “Pollution and Solutions.” The event was made possible by a City of Boston Love Your Block  grant and educated the community on the negative health impacts of air pollution in neighborhoods surrounding Logan Airport, as well as the solutions at our disposal. 

“Whether walking our kids to school or waiting for the bus, East Boston residents are constantly at risk for breathing in harmful pollutants released into the air by Logan Airport, related car traffic, diesel school busses, gas leaks, and other sources,” says Sonja Tengblad, coordinator of the East Boston Chapter of Mothers Out Front. “Air pollution disproportionately affects people of color worldwide, and since East Boston is made up of almost 60 percent Latinx families, we wanted to illustrate this reality through our art installation.”

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