Councilor Edwards Hosting ‘Know Your Rights’ Workshop With ACLU

Following the recent arrest of a longtime East Boston resident by ICE, Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards is hosting a Know Your Rights workshop in partnership with the ACLU and local immigration attorneys on Saturday December 5 at 1p.m. The workshop is meant to educate community members about what their rights are and what they should do if they or someone they know is approached by immigration authorities.

“This incident put a lot of fear into people and I’m worried that we’re going to continue to see similar incidents,” said Councilor Edwards. “I want people to know what their rights are if they’re approached by ICE or if they see someone else get approached. People shouldn’t have to worry about being detained on their way to work or while they’re playing with their families in our parks. I’m grateful to have some local experts partner with me on this event.”

Councilor Edwards is also submitting a formal records request to get information about Massport’s relationship with federal immigration authorities. Video of the recent arrest shows that it took place in Bremen Street Park, which is owned by Massport.

“I want to know why the immigration authorities waited until he was on Massport property to arrest him,” added Councilor Edwards. “Massport owns a lot of land in our neighborhood and we have a right to know what their level of cooperation with ICE is.”

The workshop will be livestreamed on Councilor Edwards’s Facebook page.

Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish will be provided. Residents with any questions about the workshop can call Councilor Edwards’ office at 617-635-3200 or send an email to [email protected]

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