National Grid Releases its Net Zero Plan to be Achieved by 2050

National Grid released its Net Zero by 2050 Plan, aimed at achieving net zero by 2050, including emissions from the sale of electricity and gas to customers. The plan builds on a recently announced Responsible Business Charter, which laid out the Company’s commitments to the environment, employees, customers, and communities.

“Our Net Zero by 2050 Plan outlines our approach to exploring a wide range of solutions until we can deliver the affordable, reliable clean energy future our customers want and deserve – no later than 2050,” said Badar Khan, President, National Grid U.S.  “We don’t have all the answers yet, and the path to both increase renewable energy and decarbonize heat will be challenging. We believe our electric and gas networks have a vital role in helping achieve net-zero emissions and our announcement today is the beginning of a transformative journey of our business.”

The Company’s Net Zero by 2050 Plan identifies 10 key areas of focus:

• Reducing demand through energy efficiency and demand response; 

• Decarbonizing the gas network through use of renewable natural gas and hydrogen; 

• Reducing methane emissions from our own gas network while working with the industry to reduce emissions through the entire value chain; 

• Integrating innovative technologies to decarbonize heat; 

• Interconnecting large scale renewables with a 21st century grid; 

• Enabling and optimizing distributed generation; 

• Utilizing storage; 

• Eliminating SF6 emissions; 

• Advancing clean transportation; and 

• Investing in large-scale carbon management.

Learn more about National Grid’s Responsible Business Charter and the National Grid U.S. Net Zero by 2050 Plan:

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