EHCA Members Vote in Favor of One Project; Reject Another

At their August meeting Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) members voted in favor of one development project on Brooks Street, but rejected another on Condor Street.

At the virtual community meeting EHCA members voted 20 to 11 in favor of a project at 57 Brooks St.

The project calls for maintaining the existing three-family structure while making renovations to the home. Renovations will include extension of living space into the basement and erect a rear deck and roof decks.

The project will include three off street parking spaces and the developer needs only one variance for Floor Area Ratio.

Currently the home is half brick and half vinyl and while the improvements will be tasteful the structure will still be half and half.

EHCA members commented that the project needs more green space while others asked the developer to consider stripping the brick and vinyl and restore the facade more historically.

The next project at 235-237 Condor St. EHCA members voted 16 to 15 in opposition of the project.

The project calls for the redevelopment of an existing two and three-family lots that house five existing units and erect a four-story building with six units with six off street parking spots.

Each unit will be two bedroom, two bathroom units.

Those who supported the project said it is better than what currently exists and liked the fact the proposal included parking. The height variance was not an issue because the slope between Falcon Street and Condor Street is greater than a single-story difference. One member said this development paired with the others going along Condor including the NOAH project would greatly improve this part of Eagle Hill.

Those in opposition of the project called the building a “pretty imposing wall of ugly along Chelsea Creek”.

“It’s too big and there’s no roof decks or something else to take advantage of views of Tobin Bridge,” said one member.

While others felt it was a lost opportunity for better architecture.

EHCA members will hold their next meeting on Wednesday, September 30.

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