JPNA Votes in Favor of Two Projects; Votes Against Three Others

At its second online ZOOM community meeting, Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) members voted on five development projects.

The group voted in favor of two projects but opposed three others that were presented by zoning attorneys Jeff Drago and Richard Lynds.

The first project at 492 Sumner St. JPNA members voted 25 to 10 in favor of a project to renovate an existing structure and change the zoning from a three to a four-family.

“The project will not change the building envelope,” said Drago. “The project will restore the building and add a basement unit and restore the historic facade”

The direct abutters to the project sent a letter to the JPNA in support of the project.

The second project at  323 Maverick St. members voted 20 to 15 against the project to raze an existing one family and erect a four-family residential dwelling.

Drago said all the units would have two-bedrooms and two baths.

However, members were concerned about the proposed new building being five feet higher than the building to the right and the fact a one family would be replaced with four units.

“Boston Building Company, LLC of Pittsfield, Mass., is proposing to build a four-unit condominium building where a single-family home now sits,” abutters wrote in a letter to JPNA. “This is excessive. The project violates the height restriction by 7 feet and by one story. The height should stay within code as this height is excessive and will set a terrible precedent for future development.”

However, some on the ZOOM meeting commented that the proposal looked “great” and were excited to see continued improvement to Maverick Street.

At 32 Orleans St. members voted 20 to 14 against a project to demolish an existing structure, combine two lots and build a five story multi family dwelling with two tandem parking spots.

JPNA members participating in the meeting told Attorney Lynds that they liked the look of the building but were concerned about the size of the building.

A direct abutter said they were still very much against five story buildings being constructed in JPNA.

At 159-165 Everett St. JPNA voted 18 to 17 in favor of demolishing an existing structure, combining multiple lots to create a 7-unit residential dwelling with 8 parking spots.

Lynds said his clients have responded to concerns voiced by JPNA’s Planning and Zoning Committee and lowered height to 40-feet, eliminated the garage on the Hooten Court side, changed materials and redesigned the entryway.

The project includes three private roof-decks exclusive to the upper units and the height of the proposed building is consistent with the height of the building to the left.

However, in a letter to JPNA abutters wrote, “Asking for a variance of adding four new units outside of the zoning code is asking too much of the neighborhood and will set a terrible precedent for future development. Additionally these units will be within 20 yards of the narrow gauge lot that plans to ask for many units and will create a lot of density in an area that can not bear it.”

Others were happy to see the old building go and were happy with the look of the new construction.

Lastly, JPNA voted 22 to 14 against a project at 333 Maverick St. Lynds said his client proposes to add an addition on the back of the home and extend living space in the basement. Lynds said his client plans to change zoning from a three to a four-family.

After previous meetings with JPNA members and abutters, Lynds said his client has reduced the building height from four stories to three stories.

In a letter to JPNA, abutters to the project wrote, “We do not need additional units and any more congestion in this small street. Additionally, abutting the narrow gauge lots will add so much congestion that the neighborhood cannot withstand. Parking is nearly non-existent in this area today. This property should remain three family.”

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