Constitution Beach Kayaking Off for the Summer

Each summer Constitution Beach goers enjoy the sun, sand, and salt water as well as a host of activities at the beach.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on a lot of programming at the beach in order to cut down on crowd sizes and ensure proper social distancing is practiced.

NOAH’s annual free kayaking program on Constitution Beach has been cancelled for the
summer due to COVID.

The latest program to be beached for the summer is the East Boston Neighborhood of Affordable Housing’s (NOAH) annual free family kayaking program at Constitution Beach.

The free kayaking program at the beach, which gives thousands of residents each summer free access to the harbor, has become one of NOAH’s and the community’s favorite programs.

NOAH’s Melinda Vega said NOAH made the painful decision to pull the plug on free kayaking, but hopes to still give residents water access.

“This year we are adapting our kayaking efforts due to COVID19,” said Vega. “After long discussions with youth and parents we decided to do a series of small group kayaking environmental tours along the Chelsea Creek.”

The NOAH youth that usually run the program at the beach have redirected their energy to a whole host of summer activities.

Last week NOAH youth cleaned up the community garden on the steps between Meridian and Border Street. The youth also did a cleanup of the Condor Street Urban Wild.

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