Pazza on Porter Gives Back to EBNHC With Help From Tenure England Vodka

Pazza on Porter, which opened last fall, to rave reviews from Eastie residents has been doing its share to help out frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pazza owners Mivan Spencer and Raffaele Scalzi of the Boston Amici Group recently teamed up with Tenure England Vodka to feed exhausted and hungry staff at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC).

Tenure England Vodka, which is served at Pazza and a key ingredient in the restaurant’s signature mixed drinks, sponsored a Pazza lunch at the Health Center.

EBNHC nurses were also presented with T-shirts that said “Essential Nurse” during the lunch.

Located in the same spot as Sablone’s, and later Ecco, Pazza on Porter commemorates old Eastie with their private dining room that features the Sablone’s signature wall–something Ecco owners preserved when they took over the restaurant. Notable signatures on the wall range from Ted Williams and Bobby Orr to Diana Ross and Steven Tyler.

As for the food, Pazza’s menu was created by Executive Chef Stephen Ennamorati, previously of Citizens Public House & Oyster Bar. Ennamorati said he takes Italian-American style cuisine to another level in a creative and delicious way. Pazza’s menu includes classic dishes such as meatballs, calamari, burrata and more. A variety of homemade pastas is also incorporated into dishes like the Amatrciana, Carbonara, and Alla Pazza.

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