EBSC Working Hard for Those in Need

East Boston Social Center (EBSC) staff is working to be sure that those individuals in need receive the necessary services.

• EBSC continues to accept calls and referrals from seniors by calling

Senior Program Coordinator Dawn at 617-569-3221 Ext. 117 or 857-869-4561.

• EBSC has funding available to help older adults in need with urgent necessity for food, grocery shopping assistance and more.

• EBSC is in constant contact with MA Office of Elder Affairs, and 0the Age Strong Commission.

• EBSC continues to serve lunch bags on Liverpool entrance from Monday-Friday 10-1p.m.

• EBSC staff is in regular communication with our consumers. Our program managers are calling on a regular basis to assess the well-being of all our families and their need for services.

• EBSC staff are not conducting home visits but are assessing our consumer’s needs through telephone communication.

• EBSC follows guidelines set through the Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

• EBSC is in communication with an extensive network of agencies and community partners to deliver services in a safe and effective manner.

• EBSC is proud to be a resource for all. Keeping our community members, consumers, families, staff, and volunteers safe is our highest priority.

Please visit our website or face book page for the latest updates.

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