Local Resident Fundraisers for her Favorite Eastie Bar

When Josh Weinstein opened The Quiet Few on Sumner Street last year, his cozy bar with an extensive whiskey and beer list, boozy concoctions and comfort food made it a hit among residents in East Boston.

One resident and customer, Kelly Smith, bonded over Backstreet Boys sing-a-long one night at the bar, and according to Weinstein, the two have been close ever since.

Sadly, when the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping through the neighborhood in mid-March, Weinstein opted to close instead of switching to a take-out and delivery operation.

Since its closing, residents like Smith, have been doing their part of a fundraiser for their beloved bar any way they can.

Recently Smith put her embroidery talents and time in isolation to begin making bags and other apparel to sell online and donate the proceeds to The Quiet Few.

Smith is creating hand-stitching phrases on bags, shirts and other apparel for a donation for $25 go to The Quiet Few. So far he has raised over $1,500 for Weinstein’s restaurant as of Tuesday.

“When friends started asking if they could purchase the bags I was making as a quarantine hobby, my immediate thought was to have it support the crew at The Quiet Few,” said Smith. “They are much more than a neighborhood business – they are our neighbors and friends who are at the heart of Jeffries Point. People from across the country have donated. I think that shows the desire we’re all feeling right now to help if we can, especially to something personal.”

Information for buying the items can be found on Smith’s Instagram account at @bagsforsmallbiz.

“Honestly, I have a lot of trouble putting into words what her efforts mean to us,” said Weinstien. “We always wanted to be a spot for the neighborhood to lean on, so the idea that a neighbor is willing and feels the impulse to lend a shoulder to us has just been the most humbling and beautiful thing. I’m beyond words. We love Kelly and her efforts . . . and her bags!”

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