Sammy Carlo’s Delicatessen & Catering Reopens for Take out and Delivery

After deciding to close for two weeks when it became apparent East Boston was not going to be spared by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sammy Carlo’s Delicatessen & Catering has reopened for takeout and delivery with a limited menu.

Owner, Stevie Scire said he and his family took the time off to strategize a plan that could make takeout and delivery work at his popular restaurant.

“We closed to satisfing the “ stay at home “ request and flatten the curve,” said Scire. “We are very eager to get back in operation with a detailed pick-up and delivery system. We were hopeful for some swift actions to help to shed some light on this health and economic battle we are all facing.”

In order to meet the demand of take out and deliveryx service as more and more people venture out of their homes less and less Scire and his family came up with a solid plan.

Carlo’s will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with breakfast sandwiches and subs like Italian, Turkey, Roast Beef, chicken parm, grilled chicken, chicken cutlets, meatballs, eggplant, steak and subs. Carlo’s is also offering family-style dinners that serve 10 to 12 people that include, Chicken Broccoli & Ziti, Ziti & Meatballs, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana and Steak & Veggie Stir-fry over rice.

The only thing Scire asks is that customers call ahead and pay over the phone before picking up their orders. Once the order is ready the staff at Carlo’s will pass the food through the front or side windows.

“Unfortunately we have limited staff to keep distance and to use preparation precautions so the front door will be locked at all times,” said Scire. “We hope to see you all very soon and we thank you for all your support. We certainly miss our friends and neighbors and I believe we all miss each other. But this too shall pass and we will all be stronger.”

Scire said Carlo’s will accept credit.debit cards, Venmo and Paypal.

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