Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association announces available community funds

At the Feb. monthly meeting, the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) announced $6,000 in funds are available for local community projects. Funds are available to individuals or groups that have a project that will benefit the greater Jeffries Point Area. Proposals are being accepted at [email protected] until Feb. 28.
Board member Rachel Blomerth stated “This is a great way for people with an idea to improve the community, but need some seed money to complete it to make a proposal. Because the money is limited we wanted to make the application process as easy as possible. A paragraph is all it takes.”
Guidelines include that all funding must benefit the greater Jeffries Point area. If an event is funded, the final cost to the community must be free. When making a proposal, applicants are asked to please submit one paragraph explaining what the project is, how much you are asking for, what costs the funding would cover and how this would benefit the community. Send this to the JPNA board at [email protected]
Board member Margaret Farmer explained, “The JPNA recently completed a financial audit, reviewing our yearly budget and creating a reserve. With the wonderful efforts of our board we had a very successful Fall Fling. We want the community to have a strong say in how funds raised will be spent. We thought this was a good way to encourage people who have a great idea but may not have shared it to come forward.”
After submission, the JPNA will review all proposals to ensure they fit guidelines, and will be able to be implemented by the end of the year. The person or organization who made the proposal MUST be able to present one slide at the March 9, monthly meeting and have 5 minutes to present and answer any questions from the community. The community will do ranked-choice voting until all funds are assigned. Any funds not assigned will be held until next year.

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