HVNA votes to approve project pitched end of Moore Street

Members of the Harbor View Neighborhood Association (HVNA) voted 22-21 in favor of a 14-unit condo building on Moore Street. 
The White and Gaeta families occupy three adjoining homes from 116 to 120 Moore St. Originally the White and Gaeta families received approval from the city to build a four-family home on an empty side yard that is part of 120 Moore St. The side yard was big enough to be subdivided and developed into the proposed four-family home.
However, this plan proved to be less cost effective than just demolishing the three existing homes, combining all the lots and constructing one 14-unit condo building with 15 parking spaces. 
A few months back, the Whites and Gaetas went back to the drawing board to come up with a new plan. When they first pitched the new plan to HVNA members they sought 18 units, then 17 and have now settled at 14 units with the 15 off-street parking spaces after several HVNA and abutters meetings. 
The Whites and Gaetas, two longtime and well-known Eastie families, have maintained that they are looking to expand their living space to accommodate their growing families. The two families, who have been involved in a myriad of community-based youth programs for decades, want to be able to remain in Eastie and said the development of their properties on Moore Street will allow them to accomplish this goal. 
Attorney for the families, Richard Lynds, said his clients will need zoning relief for Use, Rear Yard, Floor Area Ratio, Height and Parking. 

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