Boston Water and Sewer Commission updates residents on ongoing Orient Heights projects

At last week’s Orient Heights Neighborhood Council’s monthly meeting, Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) Director of Construction Peter Salvatore updated residents on a series of ongoing water, sewer and drain repair projects. 

According to Salvatore, water and drain work began at the intersection of Palermo Street and Swan Avenue and will continue to progress towards Leverett Avenue. 

“The contractor, D’Allessandro Corp., plans to complete most of the sewer and drain work in Lawn St., Swan and Leverett Avenues this winter,” said Salvatore. “The remaining project scope is scheduled to resume in the spring.”

According to the project summary provided by Salvatore, water main relay work includes excavation and replacement of the existing water mains, valves and hydrants on the above streets street. This work usually requires all of the properties that are served by the water-main being replaced to be placed on temporary water bypass. Temporary water bypass is a pipe that provides water during construction and is generally laid in the gutter with individual hoses to each property. 

“If your water service is lead, it will be replaced with copper to your property line,” said Salvatore. “If lead is found on the property you will be provided documents on the BWSC Lead Replacement Program.”

The contractor will install temporary paving as the work progresses. Permanent paving will be installed after 90 days.

Also, drain relay work will include the excavation and replacement of the existing storm drain on the streets. This work can be slow progressing down the street because of the depth of the drain being replaced. All drain connections will be reconnected to the new drainpipe.

The BWSC will also conduct water, sewer and drain work on Bennington Street from Walley Street to the Belle Isle Marsh; Swan Avenue from Palermo Street to Leverett Avenue;  Leverett Avenue from Bennington Street to Lawn Avenue; Walley Street from Bennington Street to Waldemar Avenue; and Orient Avenue from Gladstone Street to Faywood Avenue. 

Salvatore explained that when a sewer has minor defects, the pipe can be rehabilitated with ‘Trenchless Methods.’ The contractor cleans and televises the storm drain and confirms active services. A structural liner is fabricated for insertion and may take several weeks to arrive. Once the trenchless liner is ready, the contractor returns and inserts the liner through existing manholes. During this process a resin odor may be present. Upon completion of the liner, service connections are reopened from inside of the pipe and excavation is generally not required.

All together Salvatore said the work under these projects includes the replacement and enhancement of 5,740 linear feet of water mains, the replacement of 1,605 linear feet of sewers and storm drains and the rehabilitation of 2,305 linear feet of sewers and storm drains. 

Salvatore said impacts include water service interruptions as well as traffic and parking disruptions. 

“The contractor will have a moving work zone and will restore parking as the work progresses,” said Salvatore. 

Salvatore also added that temporary paving will occur and permanent paving will likely occur in 2020. 

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