Congratulations, Pat Capogreco on Your Retirement

We join with the entire East Boston community, especially his family members, friends, and colleagues, in congratulating well-known East Boston resident Pasquale “Pat” Capogreco upon his retirement from his position as a health inspector with the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department.

Pat served for 31 years with distinction in the department, ensuring that residences and business establishments adhered to the state sanitary codes that protect the health and safety of all residents and food service customers across the city,

Pat was a part of a very important, but often unheralded, work force in city government that goes to work each day and does their job with professionalism and skill.

Those of us who were fortunate to be at Pat’s recent farewell celebration at Santarpio’s witnessed an outpouring of admiration for the guest of honor and the high esteem with which Pat was held by his colleagues at ISD. He was a dedicated employee who mentored others while setting an example with his dedication to ISD’s mission.

What we have always admired about Pat Capogreco and his sisters, Maria and Lisa, is the genuine warmth and congeniality in their demeanor that lifts the spirit of others in their presence and that has been exhibited for years in their volunteer efforts on behalf of causes large and small in East Boston.

Their parents, Vincenzo and Lina Capogreco, know beyond a doubt that their children have had a positive impact on the lives of others and that they have helped countless members of our community without seeking individual recognition for their noble deeds.

We wish Pat Capogreco best wishes in his new endeavor in the public relations department at Cargo Ventures in East Boston. We know that Pat will be as much an asset to Cargo Ventures as he was to the City of Boston during his employment at ISD.

Congratulations Pat, and keep up the great work. You are indeed a credit to the entire East Boston community.

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