Community Groups Vote on Several Eastie Projects

Two community groups held meetings in the past week and voted on several projects in the pipeline pitched for East Boston.

Last Tuesday, the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) held its October meeting. At the meeting JPNA members 30 to 3 in favor of a proposal at 1 Brigham St . The proposal was to legalize a compact parking space at the rear of 1 Brigham St. The proposed space has been in use for over 20 years by the previous and current owners. The attempt to legalize the space began when BTD began ticketing the owners for using the space. The proposed space will be a compact parking space. The owners will also add a side-door to their property to augment egress blocked by the parking space.

The group then voted 24 to 14 against a project at 132 Marginal St. The project proposes to maintain and rehabilitate an existing two family structure and also erect six units. The developer reduced the number of units from 9 to 6. However, residents were still concerned with the setback of the building and lack of parking.

Then, on Monday night, the Orient Heights Neighborhood Association voted on three projects.

The group voted 27 to 20 in favor of the project at 31-33 Boardman Street where Attorney Vahid Nickpour said his client is seeking to combine two parcels and change occupancy to nine units with nine parking spaces. The project would include renovating two existing three-family and construct three more units.

Next the group voted 45 to 4 against the project at 170 Gladstone St. There, the developer wants to erect a four-story building with six units and four parking spaces. Residents thought the project was too big, had too many units, lacked enough open space and parking.

Finally OHNC members voted 46 to 2 against the project at 116 Waldemar Ave. The project included razing the existing structure and erect a nine unit condo building with nine parking spaces. Concerns raised were the design of the building and how it didn’t fit in with the neighborhood.

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