The Quiet Few Looking to Expand Hours

Since it opened in the spring, The Quiet Few at 331 Sumner St. has been nothing but busy. Owned by East Boston resident Josh Weinstein, the newest addition to Eastie’s bar and restaurant scene has been nothing but packed almost every night and serves up a fun menu of burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, specialty cocktails and a long list of rare bourbons and whiskeys.

Capitalizing off The Quiet Few’s success, Weinstien is seeking to expand the business’s hours until 1 a.m.

Weinstein received a Common Victualler seven day all alcohol license to be exercised at 331 Sumner St., according to the Licensing Board.

Weinstein’s original proposal was shot down 14-9 by the JPNA in November 2017 with members expressing concerns over the proposed closing hours of 1 a.m. most nights.

Weinstein came back before the group and rolled back his proposed hours from 1 a.m. to 12 midnight, Sunday through Wednesday and 1 a.m. from Thursday through Saturday. That plan received support from JPNA by a vote of 27-9.

However, Weinstien recently applied for a 7-day 1 a.m. closing time with the city.

While Weinstien still needs to go through the community process, and is seeking support from groups like the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association some in the neighborhood are already on board and are eager to support Weinstein’s change to the bar’s hours.

In a letter of support for the 1 a.m. closing time, Jeffries Point resident Meg Hammond argued that The Quiet Few has transformed a restaurant space that had been closed for two years into a vibrant business and increased the desirability of the neighborhood.

Hammond said, as a neighbor, she supports a 1 a.m. closing time.

Weinstein said that The Quiet Few is far from a rowdy place like the bars that were in and around Jeffries Point decades ago.

 With 15 years of experience in the bar and restaurant business in NYC Weinstein said he knows who to serve and who not to serve.

“I don’t want people in my establishment getting rowdy and causing trouble,” he said. “I will consider this my second home and I will treat it like my home and I will tell you I would not invite rowdy drunk people into my home.”

Weinstein moved to Eastie recently with his wife, and lives on Eagle Hill. When he relocated here, he immediately started looking for the right place and opportunity to bring his neighborhood pub concept to fruition and found the former East Boston Kitchen (EBK) space on Sumner Street space.

Weinstein’s purchased the former building EBK upon gaining a full liquor license from the city last year.

Aside from seeking a 1 a.m. license Weinstein also said he is still consider opening earlier for breakfast to capture the morning commuters heading past his establishment on their way to the MBTA.

The inside of The Quiet Few consists of the dining room seating area, a bar and kitchen with a capacity of about 40 people

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