OHNC Votes Down Leyden Street Project

Despite several changes to the project at 115 Leyden St., Orient Heights Neighborhood Council members voted 33 to 7 against the project Monday night at the group’s September meeting.

The plan is to erect am 8-unit dwelling with 9 off-street parking spaces on a 6,200 square foot lot. Currently an existing three-family home is on the lot and the developer plans to keep some elements of the existing home and add to the structure.

“The existing three family would be partially demolished and some part of it would be used and incorporated into the new building,” said Attorney Richard Lynds.

Lynds several changes have been made to the project since it was first proposed to the OHNC.

“We are maintaining a lot of the original architectural features of the existing home,” said Lynds. “We you look at the rendering I think you will agree that we’ve come a long way to try and come up with something that fits in with the rest of the street. We reduced the proposal from 9 to 8 units but maintained the 9 off-street parking spaces. This was originally a full three-story building and we have dropped it down to two and a half stories to make it more similar to the types of homes you see along Leyden Street and around the neighborhood. The total square feet (of living space) has also been reduced and the amount of open space increased.”

However, the changes still did not sway members to support the project.

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