New Gas Station Opens at Logan; Will Soon House Meridian Market, Starbucks

Soon Jeffries Point residents will no longer have to walk or drive to Central Square or McClellan Highway to get their Meridian Market or Starbucks fixes.

Massport announced that a new convenience and filling station opened on the Logan Airport campus on Tomahawk Drive on Saturday, June 1. Massport also announced that Eastie’s famed Meridian Market has been selected as the deli business within the new gas station and Starbucks will be the station’s coffee vendor.

The new gas station, which is being relocated due to the Terminal E modernization project, could be a boon for the gas station operator, Meridian Market and Starbucks. Total gross sales of the former gas station last year were $10,840,340. This amount included fuel pump sales at the gas station, Dunkin’ Donuts, and retail sales from the filling station deli and convenience store.

The new station features a Shell gas station with open space and a park-like layout, which will be completed this summer.

Massport’s Acting CEO John Pranckevicius said Meridian Market and Starbucks should open this summer. He said having a community partner like a Meridian Market to run its sandwich shop and deli is part of Massport’s plan to increase more local business opportunities at the airport.

“It was important to the community to develop an attractive, functional convenience store and gas station facility that includes local food options and open community space, said Pranckevicius. “We wish to thank the new station owners for designing a great facility that the Airport and community will both enjoy”.

As part of this project and due to its close proximity to the Jeffries Point neighborhood, Massport is improving the physical space around the new filling station. The space will feature a number of amenities including public open green space with a patio, electric vehicle charging stations, and walk able access to the community. The design of the space was inspired by the outdoor veranda at the Bremen Street Library that overlooks Massport’s Bremen Street Park.

“The convenience and filling station will be an attractive and functional store and gas station with modern features that will not only serve Logan Airport but the Jeffries Point neighborhood as well,” added Pranckevicius.

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