JPNA Votes Down Sumner Street Proposal

The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) voted 12 to 11 against the proposed project at 272 Sumner St. to add an additional unit to a three-family.

East Boston resident Julius Sokol planned to perform a gut rehab on an existing three-family at 272 Sumner St. His plan called for adding a fourth floor with a 4-foot setback that would house an additional unit, bringing the total number of units to four. There was also two proposed off-street parking spaces.

The building is currently a typical three family with no additional parking in a 3F, 2000 Neighborhood. 

The proposal includes making unit one duplex apartment that would make use of the basement and street-level space. This unit would be two bedrooms. Unit two would be a two-bedroom unit on the first floor. Unit three was proposed as a one-bedroom duplex on the third and fourth floors. While unit four would be a two-bedroom duplex on the third and fourth floors.

While the JPNA rejected the proposal at 272 Sumner St. they recently approved an identical project at 312 Sumner St. There JPNA members approved a four-story, four-unit project that made use of duplex units.

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