EHCA Members Vote In Favor of Four Projects

At last month’s Eagle Hill Civic Association meeting the group voted in favor of four development projects.

First, EHCA members voted 15 to 8 to support the project at 74 Brooks St. The developer hopes to rehab an existing mixed-use building and add a vertical addition with roof deck.  The current building is already nonconforming under the zoning code and the plan will bring the building up to code and add four residential units and a ground-floor commercial space. The proposal also calls for a roof deck and head house that would be set back as to not be seen from the street.

The design will call for a historic rehab of the building’s facade with the additional floor being a modified mansard roof, as well as tall glass windows for the ground-floor commercial space.

The second project at 226 Saratoga St. was supported by EHCA members by a vote of 16 to 7. The developer plans a complete rehab of the building and change the occupancy from a two to a three family with extended living space in the basement. The developer also agreed to preserve and enhance the historic architecture of the building, which will be sold as homeownership condos.

EHCA members then voted 16 to 7 to support the project at 173 Trenton St. The developer wants to change the occupancy from a three to four family by legalizing the preexisting fourth unit. All units will be sold as two-bedroom, two bathroom condo units.

The project will include a complete renovation of the structure, as well as the addition of life saving measures like a sprinkler system. The project includes four off-street parking spaces. 

There will be no external additions or changes but the developer plans to sprucing up the landscaping around the building with planters, street trees and other greenery and buffering in back around parking area. 

Lastly the group voted 12 to 11 in support of a project at 301 Saratoga St. that will convert a two residential unit building with a first-floor store front into three residential condo units. The plan is to convert the current storefront into a unit and rehab the facade of the building.

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