Letter to the Editor

Italian American Alliance is an active and dedicated group

Dear Editor,

To members and friends of the Pirandello Lyceum

As you know, the Pirandello Lyceum has become an active member of the Italian American Alliance.  As the President of the Pirandello Lyceum I am a member of the  Board of Directors. The Italian American Alliance was formed over a year ago to address the growing effort of many in American society to revise the history of many cultures in such a way that serves their social agenda. The Italian culture is decidedly one of their targets. 

Lest you believe that the threat  is not real, you should be aware that in the last few months: the City of Cambridge secretly pushed through an ordinance that eliminated Columbus Day celebrations – at the very time they invited the Italian Consul General to officiate at an Italian American celebration.  In the last few months the City of Brookline, announced that it too would eliminate Columbus Day celebrations. A contingent from the Italian-American Alliance – myself included – was at the City Council meeting to speak.  We were not only not allowed to speak, the audience of over 100 Brookline residents literally laughed at our attempt to present our case. To add insult to injury, Somerville, at the direction of Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone – an Italian-American no less, – shamelessly erased Columbus Day celebrations in that City in favor of Indigenous People’s Day.  

We now have our ears to the ground, and have discovered that there are movements in Worcester and Framingham to do the same.  

Now, let me tell you a bit about the Italian American Alliance. It is an active and dedicated group of people with good leadership. They’ve organized themselves into a fist of Italian-Americans who realize that there is strength in knowledge, unity and the willingness to act.  To date the Italian-American Alliance has over 600 members, and the number is growing rapidly as the word gets out. It has a message and a mission , and if Italian-Americans heed that message and support the mission, Italian Americans will no longer be laughed at, as we were in Brookline, or snubbed as we were in Somerville,  or set aside as we were in Cambridge.  

Which brings me to the next point. 

A sub-committee of the Framingham School Committee is currently considering the elimination of Columbus Day and replacing it with Indigenous People’s Day!, The Italian American Alliance Board of Directors, at its December meeting,  decided to respond by creating a Chapter of the Italian American Alliance in that town. The formation of the Framingham Chapter of the Italian American Alliance will be on February 6, 2019. Pirandello members who wish to attend in support of the effort are encouraged to do so.   

Pirandello Lyceum Vice President Dr.  Dean Saluti, Pirandello Lyeum Member Dr. Frank Mazzaglia and I will be attending the event.  Dr, Saluti and Dr. Mazzaglia are also members of the Italian American Alliance Board of Directors. 

I just wanted you to be informed. 

Dr. Domenic Amara, President of the

Pirandello Lyceum

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