Spinelli’s Can Make Your Thanksgiving Day a Lot Easier

It’s the night before Thanksgiving and your entire kitchen looks as though a bomb went off. There’s potato peelings clogging your sink, a 20-pound turkey thawing in the fridge, pies in the oven and an array of vegetables and side dishes that still need to be put together. To make matters worse you just realized you are out of poultry seasoning.

What if I told you that Spinelli’s in East Boston could make your Thanksgiving Day hosting a whole lot easier.

For as little as $295.95, plus tax, Spinelli can cook you a 20 to 22-pound turkey and trimmings like stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, gravy and cranberry sauce for a party of 14 to 16 people.

Already Spinelli’s is filling orders for next Thursday’s official kickoff of the Holiday Season.

According to Matthew Roberto, whose family has owner the famed pasta and pastry shop for the past 35 years, all customers have to do is place their dinner order by Tuesday, Nov. 20, and you’ll have a full meal ready for pickup on Thanksgiving Day in Eastie or delivered to your door.

“Pickups can be made in Day Square or we can even deliver the order,” he said. “By the end of Thanksgiving Day we’ll probably fill over 1,000 orders from the full Thanksgiving Day dinner to customized dinners to pies and other deserts. We’ll even cook a turkey for you if that’s all you need. We don’t like to say no to any order or any customer.”

Roberto said Spinelli’s will even fill small individual orders.

“You got a couple or a small family that is going stay home and decided to not travel for the Holiday, we’ll do an individual meal for two people, or four people, or six people, whatever the customer wants,” said Roberto.

Roberto and Spinelli’s Operation Assistant Celeste Myers said it’s good alternative to having to turn on your stove and start cooking for a large crowd.

“As life gets more hectic we pride ourselves on being able to provide a nice cooked holiday meal for people that don’t have the time to cater a meal for 15 or 20 people,” said Myers.

Aside from the Thanksgiving Day dinners Spinelli’s will sell hundreds of pies.

“We have customers that have moved out of Eastie that come back to get their apple, pumpkin and ricotta pies year after year,” said Myers.

One may ask how does Spinelli’s pull off such a daunting task a week before Thanksgiving.

“If you walk in here you know a new employee is someone that has probably worked here for 10 or 15 years so it’s a well oiled machine,” said Roberto.

Myers added that former employees who no longer work at Spinelli’s will come back just for Thanksgiving to help out.

“We always say it’s not Thanksgiving until the former employees arrive to help cook and fill orders,” she said.

For more information visit Spinelli’s website at www.spinellis.com/east-boston/.

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