Sports 08-15-2018

East Boston Men’s Hockey League holds annual “Bash on the Beach” tournament

The EBMHL hosted the annual Bash on the Beach Tournament, Six teams, played three games prior to play-offs. The tournament was organized by Dom DiMarzo and John Poto, and was a huge success. The teams were sponsored by, Sunshine Landscaping, the Civic Club, State Rep. Adrian Madaro, Saratoga Insurance, Senator Joe Boncore and “VB”. Donations were also made my the Ruggiero Funeral Home, Kelly’s Pub, Jim’s Auto Sales, Century 21 Real Estate, Angela’s Café, Rino’s Restaurant, Royal Roast Beef and Saratoga Café. These generous donors are acknowledged for their endless contributions to this and other community events that made the East Boston Community one-of-a kind and family-oriented.

Saturday afternoon the “bash” was held behind Porazzo Rink on the beach, everyone enjoyed the games being played inside and the delicious BBQ that was served to all players and their families and spectators.

Sunday the final games were played, after the dust settled it came down to two, Sunshine Landscaping vs. Saratoga Insurance, and in the end it was Sunshine Landscaping 4-2, to become the “Bash on the Beach” 2018 Champions. Sunshine Landscaping has bragging rights for the year, but everyone had a great time on and off the ice. Congratulations to the champions, Sunshine Landscaping—See you all next year.

After controversy, team Seibold claims the 2018 Jeffries Point Roller Cup

By Jonathan Chang

Emotions ran high in the 2018 Jeffries Point Roller Cup.

A fight during the quarterfinal round left a commotion amidst the crowd, and with an East Boston team having a chance to win the cup for the first time in several years, fans cheered and shared their disappointment for every exciting moment and missed opportunity.

At the end of the game, that reached a sudden death overtime, the emotions peaked, as a controversial goal left the fans booing against the call. The ruling was final, and Team Seibold beat Team Arinella, 7-6, on Sunday at Porzio Park to claim the 2018 Jeffries Point Roller Cup.

“That’s probably one of the more exciting games because we had an East Boston team playing in it,” said organizer Mark Buttiglieri. “I wish it ended a little bit better.”

Team Seibold’s goal, a close-distance shot that hit the top of the net, was a tough one to call. Some argued the goal hadn’t even gone in—understandable as its angle made it difficult for anyone not on the side of the rink to see. Others debated the whistle was blown before the goal.

“I thought it was a fair goal,” Buttiglieri said. “I was standing behind the net, so I saw the ball hit the inside post.”

In the first two periods, the two teams showcased their respective dominance. Team Seibold, led by Stonehill College junior Michael Seibold, launched the game with a 3-1 lead in the first, before Team Arinella, led by Jeff Arinella, tied up the game, 4-4, in the second. Seibold impressed with a barrage of long distance shots, including a buzzer beater from the center line.

The third period was no different with the teams trading goals.

Seibold hit another shot from center line—at this point a signature move of his—to start the period, but after a back-and-forth ended with Team Arinella’s goal with 30 seconds left, the game entered into overtime with a regulation score of 6-6.

“You’re witnessing a great game here,” said Sal Santostefano, who refereed in the final game, during early part of the overtime.

With Team Arinella stopping shots left and right, Team Seibold turned its strategy to bombarding the opponent team with constant offense.

“Rip it everywhere,” Seibold said to his teammate. “How many shots is [the goalie] going to stop?”

This year’s cup saw 14 teams compete over the weekend, some of it delayed due to the rain. As with Charlestown’s Kitchen Kup, which is arguably the biggest roller hockey event around, the Eastie “Krum Cup” has really become a local tradition over its 12-year history.

“I think it brings us all together as East Bostonians,” East Boston native Thomas Guarino said. “We all come together and play hockey, we grew up playing hockey together, so it means a lot to the community, and it keeps us together.”

Said Buttiglieri, “I wish the weather was better, but it was a success. As long as the neighborhood’s happy, and everybody had a good time, and people did get to come out, and see some hockey—we are trying to keep hockey alive in East Boston.”

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