A Reason to Celebrate and Many to Thank

The celebration last Saturday at the Piers Park Sailing Center (PPSC) is due to many local organizations and residents.  Massport and the East Boston Foundation are two organizations that need to be singled out for their large donations over the years, helping keep the PPSC alive.  However, in singling out these two organizations, the efforts of many community residents and business are not to be diminished.

Large or small, all the donations to the PPSC have resulted in the program staying a vibrant part of the East Boston community for more than 20 years and giving the youth of our community a unique experience for the summer.

The Harbor and East Boston have always gone together for centuries.  But until PPSC started, very few of the youth were able to appreciate this community resource.  Yes, everyone could view the water, but to be out on the Harbor, where the wind is your power is something magical. The wave gently hitting the hull of the boat as it is propelled noiselessly is something that is relaxing in our all too hectic life.

As PPSC starts it 20th season, we say thank you to the staff and volunteers that have provided a priceless life experience to the local youth.

We hope that the fiscal storm of the last year has been put far astern, and that the center enjoys fair winds and good weather in the coming years

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