Ward 1 Democratic Committee Elects State Convention Delgates

A group of East Boston progressives attempted to put forth their own slate of nominees at the Ward I Democratic Caucus that was held Saturday at the Salesian Boys & Girls Club to elect delegates to the 2018 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

By putting forth their own slate of nominees for the 19 open delegate spots and four alternate spots, the progressive fraction at Saturday’s Caucus was hoping to send a majority of left leaning Eastie residents to the June 2 convention at the DCU Center in Worcester.

However, the plan backfired and voters at the caucus opted for a more traditional unity slate that included a good cross-section of Eastie residents from different democratic ideologies and backgrounds. The Ward 1 Democratic Committee will send 10 female delegates, nine male delegates and four alternates to the Convention.

The female delegates elected were Teresa Polhemus, Jacqueline Brangiforte Karen Buttiglieri, Alexis Kenney, Debra Cave, Gladys Oliveros, Margaret Farmer, Liana LaMattina and Claudia Correa. City Councilor Lydia Edwards was elected during a second round of voting Saturday.

The male delegates elected were Joe Ruggiero, Anthony Gesualdi, Jason Ruggiero, Daniel Sibor, Braulio Felipe, Jeff Mathieson, Jeff Thomas, Thomas Briand and Ed Coletta.

There were also four alternates elected and they were Michael Othmer, Matt Cameron, Giordana Mecagni and Madeleine Steczynski.

According to Ward I Committee Chair Michael Sulprizio, Adrian Madaro, State Representative, Carol Aloisi, Treasurer Democratic State Party, and Gabriela Coletta, State Committeewoman, as well as the Committee Chair shall serve as ex-officio delegates to the Convention with full voting privileges.

“I was very pleased with the turnout of Saturday’s caucus with around 100 people in attendance. We had a great event with a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” said Sulprizio. “It’s always great to see East Boston Democrats come out and be engaged in the process of electing delegates to represent Ward 1 at the convention. I would like to thank the ward committee members, volunteers, elected officials and candidates for office who took the time to come out and be part of the caucus.”

Sulprizio added that in the spirit of inclusion, youth, minorities, and people with disabilities who are not elected as delegates or alternates may apply to be add-on delegates, either at their caucus or online at www.massdems.org.

Perhaps still reeling from their failed slate at the Caucus a new Facebook Group, the Ward 1 East Boston Progressive Democrats, was launched a little after 5 p.m. Saturday following the Caucus with a call to arms.

“East Boston has an incredible activist history. We have organizations that exist to reflect the will of the community. Let’s get as many progressives on those PACs, IAGs, Civic Associations, Ward Committee in the community,” read one of the group’s first posts.

In a subsequent post the group said they would hold a ‘gathering of progressives’ on Saturday, April 14 at 6 p.m. at 3-4 Eagle Square, the same building complex that housed Councilor Lydia Edward’s headquarters when she ran for Council last year.

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